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About Jonathan Kirschner

Jonathan Kirschner is the founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting. He is based in the Philadelphia area. As a business psychologist, coach, entrepreneur and technologist, Jonathan is passionate about creating value for leaders, their teams, and their organizations.

Go Ahead, Change Your Corporate Culture

October 20, 2014 4:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Changing a corporate culture may seem like an impossible task! Layers of history, trauma, success, decisions, and personalities collide into a unique formula that comes to define the identity of an organization. But what if that identity has lost its relevance in the marketplace? What if it is encumbering business growth? What if it has created a hotbed of conflict? What if it has become an incubator for passive-aggressive behavior?  What if your company was once great but now sucks? Can something so deeply ingrained be changed?

Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job

October 17, 2014 4:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In executive coaching, our main goal is to make an impact on the individuals within an organization, as organizations are dependent on their people. This article highlights how exercise plays an important role in making the most of the connection between one’s personal and professional life.  This, in turn, can improve the overall efficiency of an individual’s productivity within an organization.

AIIR Spotlight with Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, CEO and Executive Coach

October 3, 2014 4:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This interview with Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, CEO of AIIR Consulting, was conducted and condensed by Candice Henderson. Q: How has your background influenced your decision to start a company? My grandfather invented the time-release capsule and founded what later became a publicly traded pharmaceutical company. My father, Mitch – now AIIR’s chairman – is also a natural inventor and businessman.