welcome to aiir

By Jonathan Kirschner • September 22, 2016

It has been seven years and it still feels like day one. I’m so proud of our team- a learning community in the truest sense. It is privilege to work with such an incredible team that is constantly innovating, learning, and providing transformational results to clients.

building executive presence from the inside out

By Jonathan Kirschner • September 13, 2016

Executive presence is less about how we show up, and more how others feel when we show up. Executive presence combines principles of inner beliefs and values with external competence and results. Whether we are in the boardroom or aspire for real leadership, executive level presence blends character, competence, and confidence to build a positive model of leadership and achievement.

Rethink Your Search for a Mentor

By Jonathan Kirschner • September 7, 2016

While coaching a small group of global bankers, a question surfaced – “How do we find a Mentor?”

derailers facing your team in today’s evolving world

By Jonathan Kirschner • August 31, 2016

Teams are, on the most basic level, a series of personal interactions. Regardless of who the individual members are–people are most effective when they co-operate. And, most truly impactful things are accomplished by teams.

The Great Balancing Act of Leadership

By Jonathan Kirschner • August 25, 2016

Great leadership is a balancing act. Here are five critical harmonies great leaders manage to achieve that really stand out.

developing a strategic mindset

By Jonathan Kirschner • August 24, 2016

Coaching high-potential managers and directors to become senior leaders can involve changing some fundamental behaviors that have made them successful in their current role. When you’ve been rewarded on the basis of your tactical skills, and have executed well by sweating the details, then adopting a broader, more strategic approach might require an uncomfortable mind-shift. So, how do we, as coaches, help these new leaders shift from a tactical to a more strategic mindset? Like most behavior change, it begins with looking inward; gaining awareness of your natural tendencies, and ways you interact with others. Armed with that self-awareness, you can self-manage with...

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executive coaching: cells, systems, and signals

By Jonathan Kirschner • July 12, 2016

Recently, I was reflecting on my journey to become an executive coach and how my past experience has shaped my views on leadership and organizations. I realized that coaching was the third professional passion I had followed. My journey started with my first passion – cellular pathology. I still remember looking down a microscope for the first time and viewing the wonders of the world of cells and organ systems. The different cell types fascinated me, as they came together in an organ to perform the tasks needed for human life. Each cell has specific functions that make up the form...

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