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For many of us, May will hold just as much uncertainty and ambiguity as the previous 2 months. Whether shelter in place is lifted or not, your children stay home with you or head back to school, or you are selected to head back the office, we will face many unknowns as we seek to “return” to a new normal. Needless to say, May has the potential to be a high stress month.

To support you, AIIR has extended our Breathing AIIR Series indefinitely maintaining our Tuesday and Thursday 12pm ET, 30 minute sessions. So know, we will always be there.

And to kick off our monthly theme, we invite you to join us for “Come What May,” a 31-day mindfulness and wellness challenge.

Here is what the challenge entails. And no, you do not need to sit and meditate for 20 minutes everyday to participate. This is a tiny habit challenge.

  • For 31-Days, you will receive a daily mindfulness or wellness suggestion such as journaling, expressing gratitude, taking a walk, using a breathing technique, sitting for a short guided meditation, etc.
  • You can either to choose to follow the suggestion or do one that works for you.
  • The challenge part is Accountability and Support! For all 31-days, you are to log what you did in our Breathing AIIR Linkedin group by commenting on the daily question and encouraging your fellow participants!
  • We will kickoff with a Community call on Friday May 1st at 12pm ET and have a closing reflection session on Sunday May 31st at 4pm ET.

The goal is to do the full 31-days, observing the subtle benefits of a regular practice.

Fill out the “Come What May” registration below!

You can also join our LinkedIn group to connect with the Breathing AIIR mindfulness community.

About The Host

Dave Gloss is Senior Leadership Consultant at AIIR Consulting. Dave works intimately with AIIR clients to ensure their organizations are prepared to meet the challenges posed by a faster and ever-evolving world. A seasoned entrepreneur and executive coach, Dave’s approach is a healthy blend of evidence-based practice with common sense execution. An active community organizer for the Art of Living Foundation, Dave enjoys sharing the power of breath and meditation to anyone seeking to live a more balanced life.

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