Location: San Francisco, CA
Language: English

Carolyn’s coaching proficiency is grounded in 25+ years of pragmatic experience as a successful business leader, her diverse industry experience, and expertise in organization development including designing leadership programs for a number of Fortune 500 companies. She is focused on developing leaders and building their capabilities as they deepen knowledge about themselves and create high performing teams and results.

Carolyn’s leadership experience comes from managing teams and large functions in a range of environments. She has worked and coached in a number of industries including startups, technology, retail, finance, health care, biopharmaceutical, public-sector, education and non-profit. She has managed through mergers and acquisitions, fast paced hiring, as well as layoffs. She’s a seasoned professional who has guided teams and organizations through many changes.

Carolyn’s clients often report that they are more effective in their roles and in their careers, and that they are able to reconnect with what brings them meaning and inspiration in life. Outcomes of include greater composure in the face of challenges, more skillful management of change and influence of desired outcomes, and higher performing teams. Her coaching engagements focus on helping leaders take on expanded roles, improve their ability to communicate, lead more effectively, and increase their spheres of influence. Being cognizant of how the leader’s choices influence cultural values and norms, and consequently behaviors, is a topic of interest with many of her clients.

Carolyn brings to her coaching engagements an earnestness of purpose along with a sense of humor, compassion, deep listening, and an ability to see to the heart of complex issues in a way that brings helpful insight. Her clients appreciate her ability to build trusting relationships quickly, and her straight-forward, yet grounded and common-sense style that allows her to get to the heart of challenging issues.

Carolyn’s ongoing commitment to her professional growth enables her to bring her clients up-to-date tools and strategies for activating their full potential. Whether it’s tackling complex challenges or learning more effective behaviors and approaches for leading and managing others, Carolyn has provided coaching for individuals and teams as one of her core offerings for the past 20 years. Her values of self-responsibility, honest communication and collaboration are cornerstones to her approach to working with others.

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