Location: London, England
Languages: English, Turkish

Emrah Ikiok is an executive coach who enjoys partnering with achievement-oriented and results-driven individuals who are focused on enhancing their current performance and taking their career to a higher level. An important part of Emrah’s approach is that she helps her clients to identify and break out of inefficient thought patterns which enables their innate capabilities to shine and fosters out-of-the-box thinking.

Before becoming an Executive Coach, Emrah enjoyed 15 years of diverse professional experience in large companies, followed by a key role in a successful start-up. Emrah’s career has included industrial engineering, innovation, product development, merchandising and sales experiences in large corporations including General Motors and Whirlpool as well as independent start-ups. With the foundation of her Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering, a Masters in Business Administration and her completion of Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program at the highest level, Emrah is well positioned to support clients in a broad range of sectors and work environments.

With an extensive background in engineering and business, Emrah is data driven and curious. She deploys a logical, thought provoking and creative process to assist her clients to trigger their best thinking. Complimentary to her approach, she adopts Whole Brain Thinking practices, identifying clients’ left- or right-brain thinking preference, and supporting them through expanding their thinking styles, especially effective in cultivating creativity and innovation in organizations.

Emrah has diverse international experience in different cultures, countries and corporate environments. She cherishes her Turkish-Canadian identity, enriched by her years of educational, professional and personal life experiences in the United States and the United Kingdom. This background gives her insights into expatriate life, transitions and the importance of welcoming change and adapting to it.

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