Located in Los Angeles, CA, Erica is a former collegiate All-American athlete that majored in business and philosophy. She went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She has been a coach in various fields for the past 15, years including spending the first part of her professional career as a collegiate women’s basketball coach and collegiate men’s American football strength & conditioning coach. She specialized in supporting athletes both on and off the field through “Mental Conditioning,” sessions that trained athletes how to process thoughts, emotions and actions across all areas of their lives. 

Since then Erica has worked as a Stress Management & Leadership Development Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Facilitator. She has delivered hundreds of sessions & has been a keynote speaker globally, across 10 different industries, ranging from small groups to groups in the thousands. Erica works with clients to heighten self-awareness through recognition of skills gaps and identifying ways to close those gaps through personal & team development. 

A self-proclaimed ‘career adventurer’, Erica has served as a collegiate women’s basketball & men’s American football coach. She has managed and led operations and sales for fitness clubs. Erica was once recruited by the Secret Service, but ending up declining the offer to open and manage a chain of superfood health cafes. She also started her own stress management coaching practice in New York City. 

On the side of all these endeavors she was also an axe throwing coach, also known as an “Axpert.” All of these opportunities led her to her current passion of coaching, training and facilitating leadership development for teams globally. She has now worked with a wide range of teams from athletics to non-profits to Corporate America. 

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