Ghada was the first Emirati to gain both accreditation and certification as a professional Co-Active executive coach from The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). She has accumulated over 6,000 coaching hours to date. She coaches, facilitates, mentors and consults executives, CEO’s, managers and heads in local and international organizations.

Her main aim and focus is on unearthing and discovering special talents and in identifying strengths to direct potential and boost performance, efficiency and excellence. She also works towards bringing out leadership qualities in clients and honing those qualities to higher standards on organizational, social and personal levels.

Prior to becoming a full time leadership coach, Ghada project managed a very ambitious program that was rolled out in one of the leading successful hotel chains (Jumeirah Group). She trained, coached, mentored and secured jobs for more than 450 Emarati national hopefuls coming from rural areas, integrating them into a multinational semi-private workforce, through language enhancement, hospitality skills and specific on-the-job tools. As a result, this program, my team and department were awarded the Dubai Human Development Award for that year.

Since becoming a certified professional coach, Ghada has led at least 6 fast-track government “leadership programs” in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman from government entities to international programs endorsing Chinese/Emarati ties.

Two significant career milestones for Ghada involved private individual clients who were featured in CNN stories. One of them had created green spaces on rooftops, generating a self-sufficient barter system for small communities in his country, and another received a NASA award for his innovation that was sent out to space.

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