Location: Philadelphia, PA
Language: English

Dr. Jonathan Kirschner is the Founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting. He is also a member of the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance through his executive coaching work. As an executive coach and business psychologist, Dr. Kirschner’s areas of expertise are in strategic thinking, bolstering team leadership skills, cultivating emotional intelligence, managing stress, and increasing influence. He coaches senior leaders and his experiences span a range of sectors including financial services, technology, healthcare, defense, manufacturing, oil & gas, government, retail, non-profit and higher education.

Dr. Kirschner’s approach to executive coaching is influenced by both traditional psychodynamic as well as modern cognitive behavioral frameworks. Through developing a strong coaching relationship and providing unwavering accountability, Dr. Kirschner helps his clients step outside of their comfort zone and convert strategic self- awareness into tangible results.

As a business leader, Dr. Kirschner founded AIIR Consulting with the mission to increase the effectiveness of leaders worldwide through robust, technologically enabled leadership development solutions. In 2009, Dr. Kirschner developed a business psychology coaching framework for achieving sustained behavioral change called the AIIR® method (Assessment | Insight | Implementation | Reinforcement). He has also developed AIIR Consulting’s coaching technology platforms including the Coaching Zone® and Enterprise Coaching Manager® (ECM).

Jonathan regularly writes and shares his thought leadership through articles, blogs, research, and presentations. Most recently he was featured in the Cambridge Handbook of Technology and Employee Behavior where he co-authored a chapter on coaching and technology.

Dr. Kirschner is a member of the Society of Consulting Psychologists (SCP) of the American Psychological Association and an affiliate member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP). He graduated from New York University, cum laude, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religion. He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Widener University. When not working, Jonathan derives energy from his vegetable garden, reading existential philosophy, mastering the art of BBQ, and playing late night ice-hockey for his local team.

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