Location: New York City, NY
Language: English

Kathryn Wankel brings to AIIR 25 plus years of expertise in pioneering
sophisticated Executive Coaching working with Senior Leaders and
Teams. Her coaching client list boasts Fortune 500 organizations in 19
countries on five continents. She has developed talent in most industries
including over 175 Physician Chairs in the leading Academic Medical
Systems and has supported leadership development efforts through the
use of state- of- the- art assessment and related development plan-
driven coaching. She thrives on building coaching capacity; transitioning
leaders in, up, and around their organizations; developing high
performing teams; facilitating leadership development and deepening
strategy agility. Kathryn’s systemic approach aligns individual coaching
objectives with organizational goals. Change in performance is clear,
results-oriented and achieves measurable outcomes. She gets it and gets
to the essence of business challenges helping leaders to learn, grow and

Kathryn added rigor to her practice serving as the Internal Talent
Development Consultant and Coach at the Federal Reserve Bank of New
York- tasked with developing the Bank’s leadership pipeline. As an early
pioneer in the use of 360 feedback tools, Kathryn established feedback
practices for new leader on- boarding, assimilation, executive coaching,
and related leadership development practices. During her tenure, she had
compiled, analyzed, and debriefed 360 feedback data for over 225 senior
leaders. Kathryn was a Senior Organization Development Consultant at
New York Life Insurance Company for five years. She served as a
volunteer executive coach for Save the Children global leaders.

As a thought leader, Kathryn researched and wrote on the mis-use of
power in organizations (Bullying) and leveraging state- of- the- art
assessments in coaching. Her most recent article: “Using Assessments
in Executive Coaching”, was published in an Internal Executive Coaching
book written in collaboration with Columbia University peers and faculty.

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