Kristin Stevens is a Professional Certified Coach and Leadership Consultant at AIIR Consulting. Kristin focuses primarily on Team Effectiveness, partnering with AIIR’s clients to help leaders and teams realize their potential and shape a better future. She is responsible for the Team Effectiveness Survey (TES) Certification process and oversees the community of TES practitioners and team coaches.

As a seasoned business professional and Professional Certified Coach, Kristin brings a unique blend of curiosity, empathy, and practical experience. Outside of AIIR, she loves spending time with her husband and two teenagers, hiking in nature, and enjoying delicious, healthy foods.

Kristin came to AIIR from Nationwide, where she led or co-led the Team Effectiveness Center of Excellence for the past eight years. She focused on team coaching for executive teams and scaling team effectiveness across the enterprise. She has worked with hundreds of teams at all levels, using various team and individual psychometric assessments and tools. She was on the board of the 4500-member women’s resource group and rolled out a new coaching model for a Sales Coaching team.

Prior to Nationwide, she served as an independent coach and consultant, a career coach for an outplacement company, and an Organizational Development Consultant for the Chicago Board of Trade during the merger with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. She was also a Management Consultant for Ernst & Young.

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