Location: Atlanta, GA
Language: English

Dr. Lepora is a client-focused and data-driven Executive Coach who has more than 15 years working with the C-Suite to better organizations. She effectively assesses, develops, and retains talent. She successfully works with leaders under high pressure and in demanding environments to deliver results and outcomes that matter to the individuals and makes an organizational impact. Dr. Lepora partners with leaders to master their efforts in an era of uncertainty and rapidly changing industries. Her clients are renewed with better and more appropriate focus. While her present focus is on coaching and assessing executive leaders, she has also directly shaped and transformed high-performing cultures and motivated teams to exceed growth and financial objectives.

Dr. Lepora is a master discerner and spots talent and potential a mile away. She has a keen ability to conduct assessments that accurately identify the areas of opportunity and significant potential of leaders. Dr. Lepora continues dedicate herself to bringing out the best of leaders and organizations.

Prior to her career as an executive coach, Dr. Lepora led teams and provided business transformation consulting for top leaders in Fortune 500 companies for 20 years. Her roles included serving as a Chief Procurement Officer and Senior Director of Talent Management and Leadership Development, among others. She has consulted with a plethora of organizations, partnering with them to successfully lead transformational change in their leadership, team performance, organizational culture, and processes.

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