Lindsay Shima brings nearly 10 years of experience working in mental health and related fields to AIIR as an executive coach. Lindsay helps her clients not only excel in their career but also find balance between their professional identity, personal life, and their overall health and wellbeing. Lindsay’s significant background in clinical psychology enables her to support clients as they achieve their specific coaching goals while undergoing the psychological and emotional changes needed to underpin their long-term success. As a result, clients achieve sustainable improvements in performance that last throughout their careers and benefit both their current and future organizations.

Lindsay’s approach is rooted in creating the optimal conditions for self-learning, exploration, change, and transformation to take place. She empowers her clients to formulate an aspirational vision for the future and to take strategic action toward this vision. To this end, Lindsay works collaboratively with her clients to create meaningful goals and a personalized action plan that provides the structure for achieving them.

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