Mandeep brings 40 years of deep and broad experience, an open and irrepressible spirit, and lightness and laughter to his coaching. He creates non-judgmental and energized space for his clients to become clear about their values, and bring their vision to life, while reducing stress across the board for their teams and themselves. Mandeep’s clients cite his depth of listening, his insights, his sense of humor, and his openness in embracing them exactly as they are as key reasons they trust him as their coach. Many of his clients have found their work together to be transformative. Mandeep is partial to his wife and kids, is passionate about soccer, music, and The Umbrella Academy, and is delighted to be alive at such an exciting time in the history of the World.

Over his career, Mandeep has worked to build IT systems, re-engineer business processes, provide organizational and innovation consulting services, and nurture client and employee relationships. He has worked with international organizations, federal and local governments, non-profits, consulting companies, and start-ups, in roles spanning individual contribution, project, line and executive management. Organizations he has worked with include The World Bank Group, Adizes Institute, and Fairfax County Government in the US; Applied Materials in the US & China; Grupo Elektra in Mexico; and Tata Unisys (now TCS), Erehwon Innovation Consulting, and Samsung in India. The sheer breadth, depth, and variety of his career has left him equipped to effortlessly navigate complexity. In addition, in following the beat of his own drum, he has taken on unforeseen challenges and undergone profound transformation himself. His own practical experience provides the grist for his coaching.

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