Maria Wade is an executive coach and consultant, specializing in coaching leaders who are responsible for creating and impacting organizational cultures. Maria spent 15+ years in senior leadership positions across a variety of industries, and the last 6 years dedicated solely to executive coaching. She utilizes her own prior experience in executive roles, working to drive positive organizational change, to now support other executives on their leadership journeys.

Maria believes in people’s limitless potential, wholeness, resourcefulness and natural creativity. As an agent of change, she is truly passionate about leading individuals and organizations through transitions, rooting coaching in the vision of the future state. Her unique talents lie in her ability to support leaders to thrive in times of complexity, leading them to clarity and unleashing their potential by expanding the way they envision their capabilities and exploring habitual responses to challenges and threat triggers.

Through courageous experiments and candid conversations, Maria helps her clients deliver quick results and provides them with tools and insights to help them sustain their progress. Leveraging her own personal experience in managing a transition from her native country to the United States, she is uniquely positioned to provide insights into the importance of welcoming change and adapting through it. Drawing on her education, certifications and ongoing development, Maria quickly connects the dots to create a custom coaching experience, incorporating a variety of tools and styles to meet each leader’s needs. Leaders who have benefited from Maria’s coaching say that she has helped them explore and deeply understand their own individual context and they always know they will receive honest and ‘to-the-point’ feedback. They note that Maria creates a safe environment for sharing and experimentation.

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