Neena is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) with nearly 20 years of experience helping people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness. Her professional background is a mix of banking, strategy consulting, corporate and start-ups.

Neena uses her corporate background blended with 2,500 hours of coaching experience to bring robust analytical skills, deep intuition and high emotional awareness to her clients. She is skilled at helping clients understand the role that emotions play in their behavior. Through facilitating nearly 1,000 workshops, Neena has also gained a strong understanding of team and group dynamics and an ability to facilitate powerful open and honest discussions. 

After many years in strategy consulting and investment banking, Neena has developed robust analytical skills, strategic perspective and the ability to hone in on the core of issues.

Whilst working for Deloitte Consulting, Neena led teams in strategy projects across sectors including retail, hospitality, FMCG and technology. Projects included large scale organizational restructures, demergers, launches of product offerings and cultural integration of merged companies. There she developed the ability to think strategically, question powerfully and identify the root cause of challenges that organizations face. She went on to work as a senior manager for, part of Expedia Inc., running global strategy projects in their marketing function. This was during a pivotal moment in the organization’s development where it transformed from being a large entrepreneurial start-up to an organization with more corporate structured processes. Neena helped to create a smooth transition for the team during this time.

Neena also has experience working in entrepreneurial environments, including as a business advisor to Virgin Startup, associate VP for India’s second largest microfinance company and as an associate for two enterprise incubators. 

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