Ruqaya is a Columbia University-trained Leadership Coach that enjoys working with individuals and teams who are longing to get unstuck and create extraordinary results. As a Certified Coach and an Organizational Psychologist, she has a deep understanding of many challenges in organizational settings. She enjoys transformation in all its forms from having impactful 1:1 sessions with clients to facilitating experiential workshops for teams in organizations, in ways that create self-awareness and take their performance and productivity to the next level.

As a coach and facilitator, Ruqaya challenges her clients and supports them at the same time, through honest conversations and her warm presence. She enjoys adding an experiential learning element into her coaching, where she works with clients on cultivating a mind-body connection that shifts how they show up, the experience that they create for others, and in turn their results.

Ruqaya started off her career as an architect in a well-established firm in the Middle East. During her experience, She was fascinated by the team and organizational dynamics in the workplace beyond the day-to-day architectural tasks. That inspired the shift in her career to Organizational Psychology and ignited her passion for coaching. She brings a global perspective to her practice, having lived and worked in the UAE, US, and Sudan. She speaks Arabic, English, and basic French.

As a professional, Ruqaya’s experience includes 8+ years of roles in architecture, project management, consulting (Diversity & Inclusion), and organizational development, in addition to working independently as an Executive Coach and Facilitator.

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