Location: Philadelphia, PA
Language: English

Susan has over 600 coaching hours with Fortune 500 leaders. As a coach, she loves to engage in conversations that allow curiosity to unfold what the gap is between where a leader is and where they want to be. Through her corporate work, Susan identified that many professionals are promoted from “doers” into leaders, without the knowledge or confidence to succeed in those roles. Susan helps them develop emotional intelligence, executive presence, and strategic communication skills that instill confidence to be an authentic leader. She leverages assessments, goal-setting frameworks, and learnings to support leaders on this journey.

Susan has successful coached leaders at all levels of the organization. While 1:1 virtual coaching is her specialty, she provides group and team coaching as well. She facilitates communication and leadership training courses in a creative, fun way.

Susan spent decades in the corporate environment in finance leadership roles. She worked in the hospitality, venue management, sports and entertainment, and technical industries. With a deep understanding of business operations, Susan understands the challenges that leaders face. During her work leading Directors in managed facilities, she interacted with a variety of stakeholders, managed transitions and specialized in goal aligning.

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