Tim brings over 7 years of experience coaching executives in various industries in a global setting. Tim coaches from a belief that everyone is a Leader and is responsible for their world and the impact they want to have. Tim was born in Oxford, UK but has spent his whole professional life working and living abroad, where he has engaged with many nationalities and cultures.

As a coach and facilitator of workshops and leadership programs, he is driven by helping Leaders uncover their authentic selves and finding fulfillment, purpose and balance. Tim is a humor type and uses this to create a safe environment for Leaders to explore and step into what they want and what is getting in the way, uncovering core values and their meaning with the purpose of evoking transformation. Tim has a focus on how people are being as much as what they are doing.

Prior to becoming a coach and facilitator, Tim spent 26 years within an IT organization of a Global Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company where he led diverse teams across the globe in support of Research, Sales & Marketing, and Shared Services. The roles included time working and living in Brussels and Copenhagen in support of the Scandinavian and Eastern European, Middle Eastern and African regions. These roles required strategic focus as well as responsibility for people development and engagement. 

Tim’s passion for people, and helping them fulfill their potential, led him to choose to leave the corporate world and focus purely on coaching and facilitating. He finds great fulfillment in helping Leaders uncover what they truly want and maximizing their potential.

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