AIIR 2019 Trend ReportSocial upheaval. Geopolitical turmoil. Volatile markets. 2018 thrust organizations and their leaders into an era of unprecedented uncertainty. If January is any indication, disruption will be constant through 2019.

To understand the challenges leaders faced last year and the challenges they will face in 2019, we surveyed 55 members of the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance. Based on our research, this report details how coaches will help leaders and their organizations overcome five critical challenges and navigate the rocky year ahead.



For Talent Leaders

  • Insight from coaching the world’s top executives, leaders, and teams.
  • How coaching can empower your executives to succeed.

For Executives

  • Actionable advice that will help you not only to survive but to thrive amid adversity.

Get the intelligence and advice you need to give your organization a competitive edge in the age of chaos.


Robyn Garrett

VP, Marketing at AIIR Consulting
Robyn's mission is to understand the pain points of talent leaders and alleviate them with industry-leading solutions.
Robyn Garrett

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