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What Would a 75% Increase in Engagement Mean for Your Organization?

Last year, we helped a Global Professional Services firm increase engagement and performance on eight teams that span every level of its organization. The result? Increased engagement on 75% of participating teams and an average return of $630,000 per team. Now, we want to reproduce those results at your organization.

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From now until December 31, we are looking for participants to bring the power of our AIIR Enterprise Team Effectiveness solution to their organization at a special pilot program discount.

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Unlocking Engagement Whitepaper

Unlocking Engagement

Employees at a Global Professional Services firm were struggling to adapt to hybrid working, which raised concerns about the risk of increased turnover and decreased business outcomes. Download our case study to see how our AIIR ETE helped the company’s overwhelmed HRBPs empower team leaders, unlock engagement, and unleash performance across the company.

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What is AIIR ETE?

AIIR Enterprise Team Effectiveness™ empowers HRBPs and team leaders with a rich suite of assessments, exercises, training, and enterprise data and analytics they need to increase productivity, improve culture, and build high-performing teams across your organization.

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When you work with AIIR, you become part of a powerful partnership to build leaders, teams, and organizations that are more innovative, more engaged, and more empowered in the face of an economic downturn. We have produced meaningful, measurable results for hundreds of clients. Are you ready to experience them at your organization?