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Q&A: AIIR Coach Gary Bond on Team Effectiveness

Gary Bond is one of AIIR’s executive coaches, and he works with leaders and teams to develop excellence. He has worked with teams in more than 30 countries and founded his own training and consulting firm called Versicon Consulting. This interview about his work with...

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Download our 2019 Trend Report!

Social upheaval. Geopolitical turmoil. Volatile markets. 2018 thrust organizations and their leaders into an era of unprecedented uncertainty. If January is any indication, disruption will be constant through 2019. To understand the challenges leaders faced last year...

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AIIR Supports Veterans with Team RWB

AIIR will leverage the powerful insight of the Coaching Mindset Index® to increase coaching skills for community leaders in the organization's Eagle Leadership Development Program. AIIR Consulting is proud to announce a new leadership development initiative in...

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AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development consultancy dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and their organizations. Through the strategic integration of coaching and technology, AIIR Consulting brings agile leadership development to today’s connected leader.

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