Our Mission


We live in a world that is only becoming faster in pace. Technology, globalization, and extended economic volatility have turned conventional business on its head. Whether you are a financial services firm re-inventing your business model, a life-sciences organization mitigating an aging pipeline, or a technology firm focused on staying ahead of the rapid innovation cycle that accelerates by the day, the demands placed on businesses and their leaders have created new challenges. Despite these market dynamics, most leadership development and executive coaching solutions are still tethered to a traditional model that does not account for our new normal.

To be successful today, leaders must be agile, capable of pivoting in real-time, relentlessly focused on innovation, harnessing technology, operating lean, and working under pressure collaboratively and with integrity in teams.

At AIIR, our mission is to transform leaders and their businesses. Our Coaching Zone™ technology has created value in-between coaching sessions, while our telepresence capabilities enable our clients to have face-to-face sessions at any time, anywhere in the world. Our new ECM™ Technology enables coach practice leaders and talent management professionals the ability to leverage Big Data to optimize their coaching investments.

We are proud to be at the forefront of our industry. By stretching ourselves to meet the demands of today's business environment, our work has led to powerful transformations at both the individual and organizational level. We look forward to the opportunity to create value for you and your organization through our deep commitment to client excellence. 

Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D.

Chief Executive Officer