Senior Director, Sanofi

"It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with my coach. I felt the program was uniquely structured to fit my needs and was adaptable to changing needs/development. The telepresence was top notch and I did not feel at any time the distance was a hindrance to my coaching experience. The coaching engagement exceeded my expectations and I hope to have another opportunity to work with AIIR again in the future."


AVP, Sanofi-Pasteur

"I enjoyed working with David. He was a perfect coach for me. I selected him for his mix of business and clinical background. I appreciated his direct and efficient communication style. I have recommended David to my HRBP for others in the organization….I recognize significant growth from the coaching."

VP, Hermes of Paris

My coach provided exactly what the company and I were looking for - insight into inter-cultural differences, specifically with France, which helped to adjust behavior and communicate across borders more effectively. For any such French-foreign business relationships, Manuelle is a great coach due to her personal experience and background both in France and overseas.

Deputy Director, Sanofi Pasteur

In this day and age, succeeding as a leader requires just as much focus on how you lead not just what you lead. David Yudis has helped me improve my decision making processes and my dynamic leadership. With his tutelage, I have earned back the trust and confidence of dozens of individuals in my organization through sharpening my EQ and operating in a more approachable and collaborative manner. David is the best coach I have worked with and anyone afforded the opportunity to work with him should consider themselves lucky. 

Senior Director, Parexel

Geetu has been an inspiring, highly professional, knowledgeable and dedicated coach. She is really approachable and has guided me through some challenging situations, as well as help me understand the impact of emotional intelligence - enhancing my awareness of the emotions and behaviours in both myself and others that can elicit desired responses more effectively. She has provided me with some really wonderful materials which I know I will continue to refer to throughout my career and my life. I have appreciated her honesty and integrity – it’s been great to be able to speak to someone that I trust. All in all, I would say that I am a more confident, effective and less anxious person and a better, more pragmatic leader than I was before I started coaching.

VP, Symantec

I have learned quite a bit from George in the few months that we have been working together.  He has an uncanny ability to listen beyond the words that represent our conversations to find the core meaning of what I say.  As a result, almost every question that he asks either leads us to deeper contextual conversations or allows him to give specific feedback. He is my advocate and I firmly believe that he wants me to be the best I can be, but also to be happy with as much that I achieve…My leadership is stronger all around and can be linked to greater performance and business outcomes.

Melanie Young, (former) Head of HR for Swarthmore College

Working with AIIR consulting to create a customized leadership development program was a terrific experience. The consultants were extremely knowledgeable and skillful, building on our own ideas to create a program that participants found valuable to both their personal and professional development. AIIR Consulting has earned my trust and respect and I highly recommend them.

Senior Director, NYC Agency

The coaching experience was insightful for me in various ways. Hidden strengths that I always took for granted were identified and made clear during coaching that they should be used and shared more.

Senior Director, NYC Agency

The coaching experience has strengthened my leadership skills by giving me insight into my strengths and style. My coach is a sounding board for some of the tough decisions I face and issues I have to address and unfailingly gives me pause for thought.