Nicholas Guthrie

UI/UX Designer

Nicholas is a product designer focusing on building cross-platform digital products for companies and startups around the world. He is joining AIIR to take on the development of AIIR's digital platforms and developing an understanding of customer research and human interaction.

He hails from New Zealand and has traveled the world with his craft. Recently he has been freelancing on the Toptal Network while being based in various Asian countries. Throughout his career, Nicholas has created apps and websites on a national level in New Zealand, trained in his craft in San Francisco, and engaged in startup activity in Asia.

Although Nicholas is focused on design, he is an armchair academic. Enjoying the depth of scientific research and human psychology involved in the business of coaching. He aspires to create tools that distill complex methods down to simple and effective workflows that people love to use. Outside of work, he is an avid combat sports fan, a baker of bread, and an amateur printmaker. Often found cycling around his hometown or carving a new printmaking block in his studio.


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The “Great Resignation” Is Here — Now What?

The “Great Resignation” Is Here — Now What?

52% of employees in North America recently said they planned to look for a new job. In the post-covid “Great Resignation”, organizations are scrambling to promote and bring in new leaders. Will these new leaders be successful? It depends on what their organizations are doing to support them.

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8 Can’t Miss Fall Conferences

8 Can’t Miss Fall Conferences

The world is changing. Over the past year, the coronavirus crisis has and continues to present organizations with challenges on a scale unlike anything they have ever experienced. To equip their business to overcome these challenges, talent leaders must continually...

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