NaTasha Jordan

Director of the Elevate Project

Dr. NaTasha Jordan leads the Elevate Project, the philanthropic muscle of AIIR Consulting, with responsibility for providing executive coaching to nonprofit leadership who service at-risk populations throughout the country. She also oversees the ongoing expansion efforts of the Elevate Project into emerging nonprofits.

After spending the past decade researching, teaching, and applying psychological principles to the workplace, Dr. Jordan understands the psychology of the workplace and it's not having nap time in the break room. As an IO Psychologist with a passion for marketing, Dr. Jordan partners with nonprofits as well as small businesses, executives and solopreneurs to design their businesses with a conscience. “It's how well you’re authentically marketing yourself to those you serve and ultimately to your employees.”

Dr. Jordan obtained her doctorate degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University, as well as a Consumer Psychology concentrated Industrial Organizational Psychology Master’s Degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is a member and leader of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Society of Consulting Psychology and received the Presidential Citation for continued and unwavering service to the division and its members.


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The “Great Resignation” Is Here — Now What?

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8 Can’t Miss Fall Conferences

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