J. Victor McGuire PhD

BIPOC Leadership Development | Change Management

Victor brings to AIIR 30 years of leadership development experience within various sectors in the world of business. Victor’s coaching and leadership expertise range from high-tech to manufacturing international retail companies and Fortune 100 businesses. Victor has navigated coaching from mid-career to senior executives.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Strengths Coach, Victor is exceptional at guiding individuals in understanding their personal and professional strengths and leading them to achieve their fullest potential. With empathy, focused intentionality, coupled with joyfulness and passion, Victor supports individuals in functioning optimally in the workplace while fulfilling a sense of personal purpose and work/life balance. He also leads teams and organizations in aligning their practices with their organization’s mission and vision to achieve desired outcomes.

Early in his career, Victor was a High School teacher, school administrator, and a university professor of education at several universities across the U.S. Victor was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to study history, politics, and educational systems in South Africa. Victor is exceptional at guiding individuals in understanding their personal and professional strengths and leading them in achieving their fullest potential by leveraging those strengths.

Victor founded the non-profit organization, Coaching for Everyone. Its stated mission is to offer complimentary coaching and coach training to Black, Latinx, and Indigenous populations.


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The “Great Resignation” Is Here — Now What?

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8 Can’t Miss Fall Conferences

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