Alvaro Burgos

Alvaro Burgos MBA

Executive Facilitation | Diversity & Inclusion

Location: New York City, NY
Language(s): English, Spanish

Alvaro Burgos’ coaching is defined by his ability to help individuals achieve sustainable change. Few people become extraordinary at their weak spots, so Alvaro walks alongside leaders as they truly understand, own and utilize their unique strengths to the maximum benefit of their families, organizations, businesses and communities.

The foundation of Alvaro’s coaching is a 20 year-span of professional leadership in Consumer Goods (3M), Pharma (Merck & Company), and Biotech (Roche- Genentech), where he perfected his own leadership practices, advanced communication skills and organizational development vision.

He led teams from five to 300 professionals – both in direct and matrix relationships – who had different cultures, languages, backgrounds and career paths, living and breathing the struggles of everyday responsibilities and the challenges that individuals deal with in a fast moving business environment.

As an executive leadership coach, he works with men and women who lead and influence the direction of today’s organizations. He is committed to helping leaders use their strengths and gifts to address their potential blind spots as well as reach towards their long-term aspirations. While developing their communication and leadership capabilities, Alvaro role models, provokes, supports and inspires each person within their own very unique context.

As a business consultant, Alvaro also helps companies and teams who want to take their business to the next level of growth, bringing clarity to their most critical issues and decision points, and providing new skills and tools for swift and effective implementation.

Alvaro earned his MBA from Fordham University in NYC, and he is a Certified Career Coach by GetFIve in New York. He received his Executive Coaching Certification from New York University, is certified in MyEverything DiSC, and is fluent in Spanish.

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