Aman Gohal

Aman Gohal PhD

Executive Transitions | Systems Thinking

Aman’s passion is providing transformative coaching to executives across industries. In addition, Aman scales inclusive leadership development capabilities from the ground up through teaching human development at Georgetown as a part of their executive coaching program. Aman is a transformational coach. Her main focus, expertise, and work with individual clients, teams, and organizations are on the internal transformation, blocks, and unconscious agendas that get in the way of external capacity. This may cause the equilibrium of work and life to be shifted. Through changes in coaching, there is an opportunity to become more aware, conscious, and help shape the shifts.

Aman is dedicated to uncovering hidden patterns of individuals and systems to strengthen adaptability, resilience, and capacity through Shadow Inquiry™ a method she developed. Aman believes it takes both light and dark; an inner and outer game; systems and individuals to have congruence and long-term leadership results.

Aman has held leadership roles as the Head of Executive Development at Lyft Inc. and led multiple leadership programs at Booz Allen Hamilton. She has a depth of experience working with directors through C-Level executives across sectors and GS-15s through SES in the Government. She served as a coach in the Presidential Leadership Scholars program started by 4 U.S. Presidents and their Presidential Libraries (2 Democrats and 2 Republicans), coached in the Yale Women’s Leadership program, and teaches new coaches in the Georgetown Executive Coaching program.

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