Becky Edmunds MEd

Executive Women | Emerging Leaders

Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Language: English

With more than 25 years of executive and organizational development experience across varied industries, Becky provides organizations with honed expertise in talent management, team development, leadership development and C-level executive coaching alongside their teams.

Becky is a firm believer in an empathetic, transparent, transformative and data-driven approach to coaching. Her work provides professionals with greater self-awareness, enhancing their performance and productivity. Supported by her extensive experience in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, consumer products and academia, she has developed an exceptional ability to create results unique to each person she coaches, striking an expert balance between inspiration and challenge. Becky embraces the need for individualization, providing leaders and their teams with custom solutions for long-lasting results.

Prior to becoming an external executive coach, Becky served as President of the Career and Organizational Development divisions of Williams, Roberts, Young, Inc., Vice-President with Drake, Beam, Morin and Director of the Career and Life Planning Center at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. During this time, she managed large scale leadership development programs, designed customized training, career and change management programs while also actively involved as an executive coach.

Becky has completed postgraduate coursework in Adult Development accompanied by a Masters in Counselor Education preparing her for decades of continued success as a trusted, transformative change agent.

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