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Brittany Joslyn, Ph.D. has worked in the nexus of business and psychology for over ten years. Dr. Joslyn draws from her diverse background in leadership development, HR consulting, counseling psychology, and career development to generate deep insights and provide maximum impact to clients. She is passionate about working with clients to create fulfilling professional lives that permeate into richer personal lives as well.

Her areas of expertise include leadership assessment, emotional intelligence, emerging leader and high potential development, diversity and inclusion, positive leadership impact, and career coaching. Dr. Joslyn uses a pragmatic, goal-driven coaching process that is built on a collaborative, egalitarian relationship with the coachee. Through her approach, Dr. Joslyn completes thorough assessments that leverage a variety of tools to clarify strengths and uncover opportunities for growth. She is also adept at helping clients hone their self-awareness and uncover self-insights. Clients often describe Dr. Joslyn as a thought partner who provides valuable wisdom, guidance, and encouragement instrumental to their professional journey. Her experience spans a range of industries including: healthcare, education, retail, engineering and construction, logistics and transportation, not-for-profit, financial services, and banking.

Dr. Joslyn began her career at Mercer, where she worked in the Human Capital practice. Then, she served as a career coach and course instructor at Florida State University’s world-renown Career Center. While in this role she led workshops focused on career development and published several journal articles. After graduate school, Dr. Joslyn completed the Thompson Fellowship in Executive Assessment and Coaching, where she worked directly with one of the pioneers of executive coaching at LWF. She graduated from Rhodes College, cum laude, with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. She earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Florida State University and is a licensed psychologist. Dr. Joslyn is an active member of the Society of Consulting Psychology, where she is currently serving on the Leadership Development Initiative, and in her free time, she volunteers with the Junior League of Dallas, where she focuses on developing the newest league members.


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