Christopher Schmitt

Christopher Schmitt

Military & Veterans | Emotional Intelligence

Chris Schmitt brings over 30 years of service with the United States Army as a Special Forces “Green Beret” to his executive coaching work at AIIR. His extensive and diverse experiences inform his view on leadership and optimizing people and teams to operate at their best. His past three decades of experience include extensive projects, facilitating the success of Partner Nation leaders, both General Officers and Government Leaders, in Europe, Northwest Africa and Canada. Chris served as mentor, trainer and coach both in combat and in uncertain environments at the strategic, operational and tactical level in Afghanistan, the Sahara and the Balkans.

As the Assistant Professor of Military Science at Central Washington University, Chris was recognized by U.S. Army Cadet Command as the ROTC Instructor of the Year for all programs in the United States. He was also recognized by the Department of Joint Military Operations at the U.S. Army Command and Staff College as the Instructor of the Year. In these roles, Chris gained a reputation as a leader who can build teams, exercise leadership, foster relationships, and leverage a global network.

Since retiring from military service, Chris has conducted face-to-face executive coaching with Directors from Fortune 500 Companies, facilitated leadership workshops and led non-traditional, adventure-based leadership development. He has a particular passion for supporting the transition of veteran service members into the new and oftentimes drastically different lifestyle of a corporate leader. Chris is also a professor in the MBA Program at City University in Seattle. Outside of his coaching and academic work, Chris is passionate about supporting the Veteran Community and currently serves as the Deputy Chapter Chair for the Seattle Chapter of Team Red, White and Blue.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Bachelors of Science in International Relations from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Chris is uniquely qualified to conduct cross-cultural mentoring, facilitate self-discovery and assist others in attaining success. Chris is currently certified in The Birkman Method and possesses a United States Government Top Secret clearance.

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