Deana Peng

Deana Peng MBA

Emotional Intelligence | Team Coaching and Facilitation

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese

Deana Peng is a team and executive coach who is passionate about helping leaders create meaning in their work and their personal lives. The warmth, caring and honesty that she brings to her coaching enables her to connect and build trusting relationships with her clients. Deana’s flexible yet structured style incorporates positive psychology, neuroscience, systems thinking, and evidence-based theories to bring further awareness, new perspectives and deeper insights to her clients.

Deana has lived in Taiwan and the United States. While most of her work is in Asia, she provides services globally. Deana currently provides executive coaching, team coaching, organizational consulting, and facilitating services across industries. She specializes in global leadership development, organizational and leadership transformation, and team and leadership development.

Before becoming an independent coach, Deana worked at IBM for more than 15 years. She began her career as a client-facing systems engineer, then was promoted to project management where she had the opportunity to work on global strategic projects and transformational strategies across multiple business units and functions, including Sales & Marketing.

In 2005, Deana decided to change her career path to focus on People and Organizational Development. She led numerous global leadership development programs, working both as an internal coach and HR partner to business leaders at IBM. Deana brings to AIIR over 12 years of experience providing coaching, consulting, and training services to leaders globally, with extensive experience and expertise in the global IT and pharmaceutical industries.

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