Deanna Moffitt

Deanna Moffitt

Leadership Development | Emotional Intelligence

Deanna brings to the table 18 years of creating successful engagements as a facilitator, coach, speaker, and author. Her mission is to reframe the perspective of “soft skills” into the new leadership power skills. Her belief is that great leaders build mutually positive relationships through effective conversations. 

Not one to fit into a box of expectations Deanna has a wide-ranging background that includes a role as Senior IT Project Manager for a Fortune 1000 company working with the company’s strategic & acquisitions team; performing improv comedy for the famed Second City Theatricals on cruise ships for 18 months; narrating seven audio books; and delivering over 2,000 facilitation engagements virtually and in person in five different countries. She’s an award-winning speaker, on faculty with Lumia School of Coaching. And is currently writing her first book “The Rewrite” set to publish in January of 2023. 

Her work as a facilitator spans multiple industries including technology, entertainment, retail, and finance, and from startup to Fortune 50. Deanna believes her role is to elevate the wisdom of the participants in the room and provide a space that encourages engagement. Her strength is an ability to compassionately challenge beliefs about possibilities and limitations, knowing you can’t elevate your leadership without elevating your humanness. Deanna receives consistently high marks in post-delivery feedback, including a handwritten note from a spouse thanking her for the changes seen at home. The most used word to describe her by participants is “energizing”.

Deanna’s Gallup Strengths Finder assessment top 5 strengths are: 1) Strategy, 2) Empathy, 3) Ideation, 4) Input, 5) Maximizer. A perfect mix for coaching and facilitation. She is certified in Appreciative Inquiry, holds a certificate in the Science of Wellbeing through Yale and membership in the International Coaching Federation. 

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