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Deb Becker is an experienced leadership coach and facilitator based in Boston, MA. As a coach, she creates environments where leaders can think, reflect, and identify new mindsets, approaches and behaviors that enable them to lead more authentically and impactfully. She leverages assessments, goal-setting frameworks and neuroscience to support leaders on their journey.

A dynamic facilitator, she leads highly interactive live and virtual programs, spanning a range of topics, guiding session participants in personally connecting with content to gain and develop insights, skills and behaviors to lead more intentionally themselves and with their teams.

She has extensive talent development and leadership experience working with technical and non-technical leaders at all levels of the organization to help them reach their potential. Deb has 15+ years in leadership and career development, coaching, cross-cultural communication, team building, succession planning and facilitation.

Deb also has her MILR degree from Cornell University and a BA from Syracuse University. Deb received her Coaching Certificate from Babson College. She is also certified in numerous leadership assessments including the Hogan Leadership suite, the Korn Ferry/Hay Group Leadership suite, AIIR’s Coaching Mindset Index (CMI) and Team Effectiveness Survey (TES), Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders 360, and TMC-Berlitz’s Cultural Navigator.


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