Donna Hammill-Chalk

Donna Hammill-Chalk MBA

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Donna Hammill-Chalk has worked as leadership coach and consultant since 2007. Prior to starting her own coaching business, Donna was a Senior Sales and Marketing executive in the Pharmaceutical Industry. In these roles she was recognised for growing and re-shaping the organizations she led.

A coach with strong business acumen, Donna’s authentic and enthusiastic style immediately allows clients to connect with her and establish a strong coaching relationship. Donna has significant experience with leaders at all levels of an organization; from newly appointed leaders to seasoned executives, and has worked with clients across a broad range of industries.

Donna uses an active and collaborative coaching approach with her clients. Through effective dialogue and questioning, Donna helps clients build awareness and assists them in developing a personal “action plan" to achieve their desired business outcomes. Whether it is helping a new executive master the First 100 days, preparing high potential leaders for future growth opportunities, or assisting a seasoned executive overcome a blind spot that is getting in their way, Donna supports, encourages, challenges and helps clients stay "on track”.

Donna earned a BSc and a M.B.A from Dalhousie University. She has also earned her ACTP from Mentor Coach and is certified as a PCC through the International Caching Federation. In addition, Donna is certified in Birkman Method®, Hogan, LEA 360® and MBTI.

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