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Leadership Development | Diversity & Inclusion

Enan Chou is a qualified Executive Coach, facilitator and consultant, with over 12 years of experience within the professional development industry. She has worked within a wide variety of industries across the globe, supporting businesses through designing and facilitating programs in leadership development, DE&I, executive coaching and strategy building, to name a few. In addition, Enan is a Master Coach, facilitating Train-The-Trainer programs, and is highly experienced in delivering her services in a virtual environment.

Enan currently resides between Miami, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works fluently in Spanish, English and Portuguese, and speaks Chinese at home. She is a pianist, a globe-trotter and a food aficionado.

Although she works with professionals at all levels, Enan is particularly passionate about helping senior leaders make a real transformation and impact within their organization, whether this is related to team or individual performance. Originally from Taiwan, Enan has lived in several cities in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the US, giving her a unique ability to establish an authentic connection with her clients and participants, regardless of their cultural or professional background.

After earning degrees in International Relations, Latin American Studies and Asian studies at Boston University, Enan began her career working in negotiation, mediation and conflict management with the world-renowned guru of negotiation, Roger Fisher, and his team at Harvard. This opened up opportunities for Enan to work with numerous organizations across the world, which is where she developed her interest in organizational development, later resulting in her setting up her own consulting and coaching business.

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