Ida Fan

Ida Fan MA

Executive Assessment | Change Management

Location: Shanghai, China
Language(s): Mandarin, English, Cantonese

Ida Fan is a people-oriented and compassionate consultant who is committed to making a meaningful impact on individuals, leadership, and business. She is a seasoned business psychologist and executive coach who has 15 years of experience in counseling individuals and families and 9 years in management consulting. Speaking Mandarin, English and Cantonese, she has extensive training and exposure to a variety of industries, corporations and NGOs in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. Her primary clients are multi-national companies. In the most recent years, she has been focusing on senior-level and C-suite executive assessment, leadership team coaching and business transformation.

In her earlier career, Ida worked as a Project Purchasing Manager to build the first Four Seasons Hotel in mainland China and then moved on to help one of her suppliers to set up their Shanghai business. In 2005, she moved to Canada where she was trained as a psychotherapist to work with couples, families and groups with a systemic, culturally sensitive approach. Returning to Shanghai in 2010, she reconnected to the corporate world through multiple consulting roles in Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Executive Search. She joined YSC Consulting in February 2014 and has been supporting a wide range of clients in senior leadership assessments, executive coaching, team effectiveness building, and change management across the region of Southeast Asia and China.

Ida graduated from Fudan University, China with a BA in International Trade, a Master of Counseling in Marriage and Family Therapy from Trinity Western University, and a professional certificate in Screenwriting from University of California, Los Angeles. Authentic and curious, she has incorporated her learning from schools, the business world and her personal life to form her unique style. She is known for her commercial understanding, people insights and international perspective, and is specialized in helping leaders to increase their cross-cultural competency and expand their influence beyond the borders as they move up. For example, she uses the methodology of screenwriting in her coaching to assist today’s leaders to tell a more powerful story that engages an international audience by creating vivid mental images.

Outside of work, Ida enjoys long-distance running and creative writing. She values all kinds of relationships, loves her community and dedicates her life to making a meaningful impact on individuals, organizations, and society.

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