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As an executive coach and trusted advisor, Dr. Inna Post brings over 20 years of diverse business and psychology experience to her multifaceted coaching practice. Inna guides executives, entrepreneurs, teams, and business professionals through challenges and opportunities with good humor and levelheaded discipline. She offers client-specific, evidence-based, and empirically supported coaching that helps her clients solve complex problems, develop the skills needed to connect vision to action, and get measurable results congruent with their values.

Inna believes that true fulfillment comes with a work-life balance. Her ability to help her clients focus on their career goals while pursuing personal growth makes her an invaluable thought partner for managing stress, preventing burnout, and using strategic thinking. She provides focused support that challenges her clients to get “un-stuck” to unlock their full potential and find success. She enjoys working with clients who want to seek new opportunities and make the best of their current work environments.

In addition to managing her busy coaching practice, Inna is a frequent contributor to panels and conferences at Columbia Business School, New York University, The New School, Berkeley College, and Columbia Teachers College. She regularly appears on radio, television, and print to discuss topics ranging from breathing and relaxation techniques to dealing with micro-aggressions in the workplace. Before starting her executive coaching firm, Inna honed her communication, negotiation, and dialogue skills through decades of experience in the fast-paced New York City real estate industry, where she built her successful business from the ground up.

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