Jeffrey Janowitz PhD

Team Effectiveness | Organizational Development

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Language: English

Jeffrey Janowitz brings to AIIR more than 25 years of experience working on new talent development and management approaches in business. His coaching expertise extends to individual, group, team, and action learning coaching, all with one and only one purpose in mind: to align talent efforts and actions to strategic business goals.

Jeffrey is known as a fierce innovator and talent maximizer. Jeffrey knows the leadership demands of delivering organizational results while under pressure from having founded two different businesses. With great warmth, humor and deep, deep listening, he helps clients find the smallest possible solution that will have the biggest possible impact. His clients benefit from the heightened clarity about goals, options to achieve them, and measuring both success and growth that results from working with him. He has worked primarily in technology and software, financial services, pharmaceuticals, health care, and automotives.

He was most recently Senior Director, Global People Development at VMware, focused on Top Talent Development and Succession. While at VMware, he created and implemented a new talent segmentation model based on business-driven capability sets that altered the way management thinks and talks about talent. Before that, at what is now Hewlett Packard Enterprise, he was Talent Manager for Worldwide Sales in the Enterprise Group, working closely with global top talent to find their next role in the organization – and be realistic about their next steps without crushing their dreams.

Earlier in his career, Jeffrey was Director of Coaching Services at Personnel Decisions International (now part of KornFerry), while also serving as Global Client Manager for Hewlett Packard. He led a global team of 100+ coach colleagues to deliver coaching and other services to accelerate global executive integration and collaboration following the Compaq acquisition. Previously, he was Practice Leader of an internal consulting organization at Kaiser Permanente, coaching senior executive sponsors of major organizational change initiatives.

Dr. Janowitz received his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from North Carolina State University; Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Maryland at Baltimore; Masters in Shakespeare Studies from the University of Birmingham (England); and Bachelors in Writing from Queens College, City University of New York.

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