Julie Shaw Ed.D, MA

Leadership Development | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Based in the LA area, Dr. Julie Shaw is a multipotentialite who is a former professional basketball player, an experienced academic as a professor for Gonzaga University, and leadership consultant. She is a change agent whose passion lies in personal development, leadership development, and change management. Dr. Shaw comes from the world of athletics, having been a collegiate women’s basketball coach for close to 15 years helping lead teams to multiple championships at Cal Poly and going to the NCAA Sweet 16 with Gonzaga University. She has also been a part of the NBA, hiring and overseeing 50 coaches for a training program with the Los Angeles Clippers. Life after coaching led Dr. Shaw to New York City, where she had the opportunity to serve as the Director of Education for Billie Jean King’s non-profit, The Women’s Sports Foundation.

Shaw has devoted her time and expertise to the field of diversity and inclusion, starting with earning her doctorate in Leadership & Administration focusing on creating safe space climates on college campuses. She has also been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, women’s equity, and social justice. 

Dr. Shaw pursued her doctoral degree early on in her career which opened up doors to advocate and speak on various topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership. Working in the athletics space, this offers her many opportunities to speak on panels and facilitate numerous courageous conversations on this topic. Also, coming from the world of college athletics as a championship coach and former professional basketball player, Julie has been able to translate her understanding of what it truly means to lead, coach, and work with a team into a variety of industries. 

Her most recent career highlight she is most proud of is building the Hello I’m Grieving brand and community where she offers grief support and offers trainings on how to address grief in the workplace.

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