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Kelby Kupersmid MS

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Kelby Kupersmid is a leadership development and coaching specialist who supports social enterprises around the world to unlock their potential so they can maximize their performance. He helps leaders around the world to create sustainable high performance–so they can achieve their mission, without burning out.

As Founder and CEO of Kinetic Development, Kelby partners with local and global organizations to increase their leadership effectiveness so they can enhance business results. He draws on his multidisciplinary experience to find a targeted approach that works for each client, combining assessments, individual and team coaching, and large group facilitation. He is trusted by leaders from the boardrooms of the Fortune 100 to the field offices of the United Nations.

From working at a pre-revenue startup to a multi-billion-dollar financial institution, Kelby’s diverse professional background informs his unique approach to workplace innovation and efficacy. Most recently, he managed large-scale international programs for the Center for Creative Leadership, ensuring operational excellence with Fortune 100 clients.  

He is also a Co-Founder of Innovation Journey, a company that organizes business trips to Israel to explore its unique innovation ecosystem. He serves as Director of Leadership Programs, designing and facilitating unforgettable learning experiences to help professionals lead innovation in their careers and organizations. 

Kelby is a digital nomad, working remotely and traveling around the world. He has visited 25+ countries across 5 continents. In his free time, he loves making music and exploring nature.

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