Mariana Lobato

Mariana Lobato MBA

Career Transition | Inclusive Leadership

Mariana Lobato is a certified executive coach with experience coaching leaders in various industries. Mariana has a psychology degree and has been working with people for about 20 years. She combines her psychology education, human resources background, coaching certification, neuro-linguistic programming knowledge, and assessment tools to help clients gain greater self-awareness and grow in the direction of their goals. Mariana’s experience as a consultant has given her keen business acumen and depth of knowledge regarding the unique challenges posed by various corporate settings. This informs her coaching work, as she supports leaders navigating their own paths to career fulfillment.

Mariana first entered the coaching field while she was working as a Human Resources Director. She has a global generalist HR profile and has developed her career in multinational companies and consultancies. In addition to her role in Brazil, she has had the opportunity to be exposed to many cultures through her work with leaders in the US, Europe, Norway, Canada, and several Latin American countries, including Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia. In her Human Resources career, Mariana has specialized in recruitment, starting as a Headhunter at Robert Half with a successful track record in executive search projects. At Pacifica, she combined her global HR role with a consulting position, focusing on supporting her clients in the areas of recruitment and assessment. 

Mariana has strong experience in Leadership Development, starting at Equinor, where she developed the first mentoring program for the executive team. Her success in working with leaders as a corporate consultant inspired her to invest in her commitment to coaching. Mariana has been in a leadership role herself for nearly 10 years, which allows her to connect with clients and understand their scenarios, challenges and opportunities.

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