Mary Sue Rogers

Mary Sue Rogers

Advisory Board | HR Technology

Mary Sue is a member of the AIIR Consulting Advisory Board providing a special focus on HR Technology. Mary Sue is a professional services executive with extensive global experience and a passion for building robust business strategies. She is an expert in HR and Talent Management with a love for coaching senior executives and mentoring junior staff. She is passionate about HR Technology and has been for over 30 years, having worked in organizations such as PwC and IBM. Mary Sue is also a non-executive director of Women on Boards and Save the Children Australia, as well as several other organizations in Australia, Thailand, UK and the USA. She is certified IDP through INSEAD’s IDP (International Directors Program) and is an active member of AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors).


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[Webinar] 3 Mistakes Leaders Will Make in the Next 6 Months

6 months into the pandemic, things aren’t getting any easier for leaders or the organizations they helm. Our panel of experienced executive coaches will discuss how leaders can avoid common mistakes leaders make in uncertain situations, and how they can overcome the challenges they will face in the second half of the year.

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Our Assumptions Are Culture Killers For Remote Teams

Three Tips to Prevent Fundamental Attribution Error From Destroying Cohesion on Our Remote Teams Just as many were making plans to head back to the office, COVID-19 has surged around the world, sending many countries where the virus seemed to be under control back...

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The Worst Ways to Choose a Leader

The coronavirus crisis has made clear that leadership matters, now more than ever. Leaders and their organizations are facing challenges that are exponentially more complicated than anything they have faced before, and many of those leaders are showing cracks. Beyond...

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