Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke

Leader-As-Coach & Coaching Mindset | Team Collaboration

Michelle Clarke is a global Leadership Coach and Facilitator who works with high-achieving individuals and teams, helping them to sustain their value proposition both professionally and personally.  Her approach combines her extensive experience as a coach trainer, an Agile facilitator and an Improv teacher, ensuring an engaging, focused and fun coaching experience that brings out the best in her clients. 

Michelle brings 17 years of cross-cultural coaching experience from a broad spectrum of industries – from the C-suites of South Africa to remote mining towns in the north of Chile.  She has over 10 years experience coaching and facilitating remotely.

An entrepreneur by passion, Michelle started, grew and later sold her own IT business before migrating into the corporate arena to hold a seat on the board. She founded her coaching business in 2005.  Since then she has become a thought leader in the coaching space, co-author of coaching books, Head Tutor for online coaching courses and a sought after speaker on coaching and mindset. She was a guest speaker at the International Coaching Federation’s conference in Prague in 2019.

She has facilitated in-person and virtual Improv and Leadership workshops for the American Embassy in Chile, Universidad de Chile, Schneider Greece, ICF Chicago, Service Rocket Malaysia and UNLOQ Netherlands.  She is an Agile coach trainer for the United Nations.

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