Nicky Westhead

Nicky Westhead PCC

Executive Communications | Team Dynamics

Location: West Chester, PA
Language: English

Nicky brings to AIIR thirty years of international experience as an Executive Leadership and Team Coach from professional consulting services and as a senior director in Leadership, Organization Development and Change for European, US and global companies.

Nicky has coached board level executives, senior leaders, leadership teams at Fortune 500 companies, and is part of the Wharton Business School for coaching executives and MBA students. She has consulted in healthcare, manufacturing, educational institutions, insurance, financial services, legal, management consulting, energy, technology, education and non-profit. She blends into her coaching approach business psychology, inquiry, future rehearsal, and mind-body connections to explore undiscovered mindsets for breakthroughs. Clients describe Nicky as creative, resourceful, dynamic. She leans into challenging clients on mental models and patterns.

Nicky is a seasoned client facing consulting professional and executive coach who has worked for many of the leading consulting firms in Europe and the US. As Head of OD and Leadership at DWF Legal UK during a dynamic time, she was integral to the culture and leadership integration and implemented an innovative, competency- based talent development program. In a Global OD and Change role for iSOFT healthcare technology, she accelerated the pace of culture change, coaching change agents and facilitated strategic planning with executives. She understands the role of leaders who operate in global complex and dynamic environments.

AIIR Consulting
AIIR Consulting

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