Peter Hård

Peter Hård

Cross-Cultural Communication - Leadership Development

Peter is a skilled and experienced team and executive coach, leadership developer, and training facilitator who is guiding leaders and teams to use their hidden potential to reach their next level. He has been working professionally as an executive coach and trainer the last 18 years.

Since 2005 he has specialized in Executive Team Development, often in multi-cultural environments. Peter has proven, validated methods for producing tailored and inspirational blended learning coaching and development programs for leaders and teams. He also holds lectures on team development, collaboration, leadership, communication and networking and runs business communication games and stimulating workshops. As an inspirational speaker, Peter often uses practical exercises in his performances. His focus is often on what people can accomplish together with a common vision and a common purpose. Peter lectures on various subjects with the common approach of identifying and developing the power that already exists in individuals, in teams and activities.

Peter is a seasoned Executive Search Consultant with 12 years in the industry with companies like KornFerry and Proffice/Randstad.

Peter is often involved as a consultant to NGO´s, NPA´s and charities in the public sector and he has been an appreciated consultant with the National Authority of Public Health and The National Board of Migration in Sweden as well as with the Institute of Public Administration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the government of Oman.

Peter is also a senior faculty member of Team Coaching International Inc, co-Founder of Team Coaching Europe, and founder of the School of Team Coaching Sweden. 

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