Ren Wiebe

Ren Wiebe MEd

Executive Presence | Change Management

Location: Toronto, Canada
Language: English

Ren Wiebe is a seasoned Executive and Team Coach. He leads the Team Effectiveness service line for AIIR Consulting. Over the past 20 years, he has made significant contributions to the field of leadership development – 15 of those with Canada’s premier Human Capital Consulting firm. His personal mission is to support and energize the development of leaders. From senior executives to emerging talent, Ren thrives on helping leaders maximize their impact and personal satisfaction. He is also a sought-after facilitator, trainer, and coach to executive teams. He brings specialized expertise in a variety of leadership and team assessments.

In his coaching, Mr. Wiebe draws on his business experience as a finance leader. For 8 years he held senior roles in the real estate development sector; managing syndicated public offerings for a major Canadian real estate conglomerate. He led finance teams and discovered his true passion for developing talent. In 1990, following this calling, Mr. Wiebe returned to school to pursue postgraduate studies in Applied Psychology, where he focused on coaching and leadership development.

As a coach, Mr. Wiebe helps leaders and teams set clear goals and develop dynamic plans for achieving them. He challenges clients to elevate their thinking and identify solutions that leverage their natural talents. He has a proven track record of helping leaders and teams thrive in complex business environments and organizational contexts. He has a particular passion for helping leaders elevate their relationship impact with their teams, colleagues, and customers.

Mr. Wiebe is a certified coach (Corporate Coach U), and holds a Bachelor of Business in addition to a Masters in Applied Psychology.

AIIR Consulting
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