Rosa Grunhaus Belzer

Rosa Grunhaus Belzer PhD

Diversity & Inclusion | Women & Leadership

Rosa is a multilingual and multicultural Executive Coach, trainer and Clinical Psychologist, who brings more than 30 years of expertise in human behavior to AIIR. Rosa is passionate about assisting her clients to maximize their potential and become a better version of themselves. She is described as having a direct, authentic and kind style, which she tailors to her clients uniqueness and aspirations.

Rosa began her professional career as a Clinical Psychologist. From the start, she combined a clinical practice with supervision of psychologists in training. For several years and before transitioning into Executive Coaching, she was the director of clinical training in a mental health clinic where she supervised and mentored pre and post-doctoral psychology interns. She built this psychology internship to become a competitive and highly regarded program with doctoral students.

In 1999, Rosa transitioned into Executive Coaching where she has applied her gifts and knowledge to support executives and leaders in pursuit of their goals. Rosa has coached at all organizational levels and has logged more than 3500 coaching hours. She balances a genuine curiosity, which quickly generates trust, with thought provoking questions creating a path for her clients to move forward and obtain sustainable change.

In 2012, Rosa’s professional career took a third turn when she was invited to join the staff of the Center for Creative Leadership as the Coaching Talent Leader at CCL®. In this role she has lead a team of over 100 adjunct coaches in Western North America who support CCL’s Leadership Solutions and Executive Coaching. She has trained executive coaches globally in India, Singapore, Canada, Peru as well as the several CCL campuses in the USA. Rosa is known to be the “Coach’s Coach”, supporting and challenging the coaches to sharpen their coaching skills.

Rosa is passionate about sharing her gifts with the San Diego community. She is an integral member of MANA de San Diego, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower Latinas through education, leadership, development, community service and advocacy. Rosa designed a 4 month learning journey with the goal of increasing Latina representation in the corporate world, nonprofit organizations and political life and has delivered on that goal for the past 4 years. 180 Latinas have graduated from LSLP (Latina Success Leadership Program). LSLP graduates celebrates the program as it helps them to be purposeful about their goals, builds their self confidence and encourages them to be bold and courageous in their careers.

Rosa, who was born and raised in Venezuela, has lived in 3 continents and is fluent in several languages. She holds a Ph.D in clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology ( CSPP ) in San Diego and has been licensed in the state of CA since 1985. She holds a PCC coach certification from the International Coach Federation and is a certified mentor coach. Rosa is 5 foot tall with a 6 foot shadow, married to the same man for 42 years and a proud mother of two successful young adults. She loves to dance, cook, read and hike.

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