Sule Kutlay Gandur

Sule Kutlay Gandur MA

Resilience Coaching | Team Effectiveness

Sule brings 25 plus years of management experience in automotive, fast-moving consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, non-profit, retail, and telecommunications industries. During her career, she led one of the largest agencies in the MENA region as managing director. In her role, she partnered with global brands, like Starbucks, Le Pain Quotidien, Body Shop in their localization strategy and execution. As a leadership and executive coach, she is a catalyst for business innovation and the psychological motivation of her clients.

Sule’s approach to coaching is to find clarity and build adaptability. Her style is authentic and action-oriented. She profoundly believes that who we determines how we lead. To this end, increasing social intelligence and building resilience lies at the core of her work. In her coaching, Sule utilizes the 3 Cs of Change method to boost her clients’ strengths. Through this method she encourages her clients to explore the Context, Content, and Conduct in their lives, to bring about meaningful, behavioral change.  

Sule’s career path has been interestingly diverse and colorful.  She started in journalism, moved into advertising, and then finally into business management consultancy.  After years of leading companies into market leadership and teams into top performance, she complemented her business know-how with a coaching degree from Columbia University.  She has a strong track record in building strategic vision, team performance, and management agility. 

Sule enjoys working with C-Level executives, promising talent, and young entrepreneurs. Proven capabilities include personal transformation, team building, and cultural development. Her audience is international in scope and demanding in attitude. 

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