Thor Legvold PsyD

Intercultural Communication | Change Management

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Language: English, Norwegian, Serbo-Croatian, Portuguese, French, Japanese

Thor brings a uniquely European approach to leadership with a global focus, and is dedicated to helping clients find their own best solutions. His expertise covers leadership, culture, teams, communication, strategy, and talent management. Developing leaders and teams has been a central theme in Thor’s work. Improved efficacy and meaning is the aim, whether personal, group or organizational. Thor is experienced working with both C-suite executives and upper management across multiple levels; coaching individuals, developing high performance teams, and effectuating pervasive change throughout entire organizations. He has experience working across cultures, with cross-national teams and interfaces, has lived and worked in several countries during his 20 year career. Thor speaks fluent English and Norwegian, conversational Serbo-Croatian and Portuguese, with a rudimentary understanding of French and Japanese.

Thor is an outgoing, professional and compassionate person who rapidly gains the trust and respect of clients, working collaboratively and creatively to keep the focus on the issues at hand, while maintaining an objectivity allowing difficult and uncomfortable questions to be raised. He employs a values and purpose-based approach and encourages clients to bring out the best in themselves along with their team and colleagues.

Previous roles Thor has held include Senior Consultant for Bjørnson Organizational Psychologists, where he assessed and coached senior executives of multinationals across several sectors, as well as developed executive teams, worked with conflict management and more, and Senior Consultant with Assessit. While there he worked with clients in both private and public sectors on improving leadership, organizational climate and culture, effectivity and profitability, as well as testing and interviewing candidates for highly coveted diplomat trainee positions. He originally moved to Stavanger in order to work as a Senior Consultant for the Norwegian Royal Mail in facilitating privatization with concurrent downsizing of 10000 of the 30000 employees at the time. He has also worked extensively with entrepreneurship and developed programs to assist immigrants and locals alike in starting and running their own businesses, has started and run several businesses himself, and has management and leadership experience.

Thor holds a BA in Psychology from California State University Northridge and a Psy.D. from the University of Bergen, Norway. Thor subsequently completed a 5 year post-graduate specialization in IO psychology. He has served as a guest professor/lecturer for graduate level students at several international universities since 1996.

Thor is a member of the APA (divisions 1, 13, 14 (SIOP) & 52), NPF (Norwegian Psychological Association) and EuroPsy. He is a licensed and accredited psychologist and certified specialist in IO psychology within the NPF and EuroPsy organizations.

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